Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last Post

Damson plums.

Amy Butler fabrics.

Last post - for a good while anyway. I have struggled with my blogging for quite a while now so have decided to give the whole thing a long break. I am not sure for how long but off the top of my head, maybe till next spring. Come back and have a look September time.

In the meantime I will be sewing and making simple quilts for the joy of making.

I may make a few damson plum crumbles too as I bought that lovely lot (top photo) at the Farmers market this morning.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Mid week in the Sweet Mary house and not much to blog about so I have just uploaded a few random photos. Parcels arriving at my door always cause excitment, especially when I am expecting new fabric. This little lot came from the US and is a lovely collection of reds and greys. Pretty greys, the ones I actually like, are hard to find so I am pleased with this lot. Its a grey day here today so its fitting to wash my new fabric and hang it on the line for a splash of colour. A little part of me wants to leave it there forever as I like the look.

Last night I made risotto - Jamie's recipe and I just happened to have all the items listed so only took half an hour. Maybe its in his "30 minutes" book. Anyway, this one was online and if you are interested in having a go, click HERE. I put the courgette in but actually think peas would be nicer. Be careful not to overcook as I did a wee bit. It should have more of a sloppy texture.

Lastly, a photo of the set of beautiful rose plates I bought when out on my impromptu Op-Shop trail with Nic of Nicola's Daisies and Coulter&Coulter. They are painted white glass and in excellent condition.