Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tomato Preserves

Last Saturday, in The Dominion Post Weekend newspaper, was a review of a new cooking/lifestyle book by New Zealander, Sally Cameron called Grow It, Cook It. The article included a couple of recipes, one being Tomato, Lemon & Chilli Jam. Sounded delicious and not at all complicated - a winning combination. I had to make it, especially as the recipe asked for 1kg of cherry tomatoes and I have a LOT of cherry tomatoes ( pear shaped ones!) to use up from the ever laden tomato plants.

While the jam was bubbling away I sorted out a few jars from the cupboard, washing them and putting in a hot oven for 10 minutes or so. The lids I boiled up separately. Now, I love colour and prettying things up so I started to think about topping the finished jars with a bit of prettiness. I remembered the circles of fabric leftover from making my peg bags. Perfect - after a whip round with the pinking shears.

All finished. Even though the jam bubbled away for at least half an hour, some of the tomatoes retained their pleasing pear shape. I will leave the jam alone for a few weeks now to let the flavours develop. I think it will be delicious, as it smelled so wonderful while cooking. Sally says it is great on an antipasto platter especially with creamy cheeses. Thankyou Sally!