Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last Week

Last Saturday we drove over the Gentle Annie to stay a couple of nights at my godson's holiday home in Ohakune. We drove past the beautiful Mount Ruapehu at about six in the evening and stopped to take this photo. The first of many that we took over our two days of rest and relaxation and one slightly challenging walk. Its not far, my husband said, and very easy!
Last Monday, we drove home again to be welcomed, late afternoon, by this gorgeous autumn scene on the driveway leading to the house.

Last Wednesday, I finished the quilt for baby Isabelle and posted it off on Friday.

Last Friday, yesterday, Nic and I had a drive out to The Paper Mulberry Cafe for a fix of their excellent date scones. Their coffee is very good too. We sat outside, at a table that was once an old blue door, the sun shining on a perfect autumn day with views across the countryside. At that point, life seemed pretty good.

Last week sometime, I started to pick up and eat the feijoas from the orchard - not to everyone's taste I know but to me its a real part of being a kiwi girl. They are so delicious. My English husband just doesn't get the attraction ! You may wonder why there are eggs on the plate - its to show the size of the giant feijoa top right.