Friday, October 9, 2009

I Do Love a Bit of Red

Last week I spent a few days in Auckland. My brother kindly drove me around most of the first day so that I could achieve maximum shop visits around this busy city. These fabulously painted entrance gates to the wharves caught my eye.
Lots of other stuff caught my eye too but I forgot to takes photos !
I do love a bit of red.

I also love to fossick so naturally I came home with fabric, ribbons and buttons.
These vintage buttons were a treasured gift from the gorgeous Kate.

Once back in the Bay, I enjoyed walking around the garden enjoying the peace and picking spring flowers to put in the house.

This week I have been working on ideas for Sweet Mary Christmas decorations.

Stepping out the back door yesterday evening to look at the silvery sky and check out the lilac tree peeping over the top of the sleepout.

This is my favourite tree in the garden - a copper beech. On a regular basis I like to gaze at it to see what colour it is at that moment as it changes depending on the surrounding light.
As I drew the curtains this morning I commented to my husband how beautiful the tree looked this morning. He just smiled and said I always say that. When I returned from my shower he had taken this lovely photo for me. Thankyou honey x