Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sydney, late Summer

Manly Beach

We spent a week in Sydney recently, mainly for a family celebration but also interspersed with a few beach forays. Our twenty year old son was with us so we stuck to iconic Sydney beaches. There was some shopping done too but I don't have any photos of the mall!

It is only half an hour on the ferry to the city and one that is full of sights. Daily commuters on the Manly ferry hunker down with a book or tap away on their lap-tops. Tourists, as we were, sit right up the front exposed to the sun and wind and snap away.

The Opera House and Sydney harbour bridge with walkers right at the top. Not something I fancy doing but a lot do, including my boys who are really keen.

We caught the bus from the city to Bondi Beach travelling the scenic route through Paddington.

From memory this is the sea water swimming pool at Curl Curl beach where some of the locals like to "chain" surf. Look at the photo below and you will get the idea!

We returned to autumn in Hawkes Bay - the days are warm and sunny but the nights and mornings are much cooler. Such a gorgeous season as long as I block the thoughts of the oncoming winter.

Never much fun in an old and cold house. You know the type - colder in than out.