Monday, June 14, 2010


For my birthday this year my sister gave me a book voucher. I knew straight away what I wanted to buy with it so I put my order into our local Poppies bookshop. Within the week this fabulous book by Jane Brocket was waiting for me to pick up. I follow Jane's blog anyway and had read her tantalising snippets about her new book. She has a very special talent with words and pictures. The book is beautifully photographed and Jane writes about quilts in such a way that I found myself constantly nodding in agreement. The front cover is printed to resemble a quilt. Can I say beautiful again?

Naturally, I am inspired to make another quilt, this time for myself. Surprisingly, I have never made one for our bed although I have made quilts for family and friends. My favourite combination is red, white and blue so I have been pulling out some of my stash to get some ideas. Last December I used up a lot of my red fabric stash on Christmas bunting so I think I may just have to collect some more.

We are nearly upon our moving day so at the moment I am still packing. There has been a lot to sort out as I am a massive collector. I have actually got rid of quite alot but still my friends are wondering where I am going to put it all. Needless to say the new double garage will probably not be used for cars. This is a soft blue sampler quilt that I made 6 or 7 years ago. All the little pieces nearly killed me, well not really but it was pretty trying as I like to keep things simple. I did feel a great sense of achievment though when it all came together. The only regret I have is that its not bigger. Maybe I could sew on a whole lot of red - just kidding

I have finished the quilt for my neices wedding and we would love to be in France for that special day. But our new home and the related costs have put paid to that. Luckily our daughter, who is in the UK this year will be representing our little family.
Have a good week !