Monday, October 4, 2010

Flower and Light

Bit busy sewing at the moment, leading up to my run of craft fairs in November. I did find time however to make two small flowery cushions to sit behind the truly beautiful ones that my mother embroidered many years ago. I have had them hidden away for years due to young children and mucky hands but now is the time for them to sit proudly on the settee.

This week I am making many, many, Sweet Mary 'Sleep Hearts' for my stall. Lavender filled hearts to pop under your pillowslip or leave on top to decorate the pillow.
For a long time I have wanted a chandelier and here it is. A bargain price and a small one included for our bedroom too - not up yet though. I have a crystal bowl sitting underneath this one and it looks so pretty when the sun catches and casts Pollyanna prisms.