Friday, March 18, 2011


A friend kindly gave me her lavender clippings from a tidy up day in her garden. I was delighted with the large bag of already dry English lavender as its my preference to use this lavender in Sweet Mary products. It drys hard as opposed to the soft but 'oh so beautiful' French lavender and has the most intense fragrance. I have not yet planted lavender in my new garden and although happily using quality rubbings from here, I am very pleased to have this local lavender in my stash.

My mum is visiting for a few weeks and because of her macular degeneration finds her creative urges very curtailed. Its hard to see detail so no more fabulous paintings, sewing her own clothes or embroidery but I think the worst thing is not being able to read a book. Vision Australia have provided her with a DAISY machine so she can listen to talking books. She is listening to The Book Thief this week and I find myself hanging around to listen as well - its very addictive. While listening she has been stripping the dried lavender from the stalks and has nearly filled a the large red bowl.

I took this photo of one of the many paintings that decorate my home, all of them painted by my mother. Its of the lavender fields in Jersey and she has put my children (as toddlers) in it, harvesting lavender. It's a treasured painting, as are each and every one of them.

This week I listed a Heart cushion for sale on the NZ craft site, Felt. Click here to have a look. I can send overseas, the postage is very reasonable, just ask.