Thursday, June 9, 2011

Break Time Over

Hi everyone ! I am back and really enjoyed my break. I have been catching up with lots of crafty things and one was to edge this lovely dotty oilcloth for my mum's dining table. You can buy oilcloth fabric by the metre in Havelock North this Saturday 11th June from Anna who runs her Dotty Oilcloth stall at the Art & Craft Market in the Village Court. Anna sells oilcloth bags and doorstops and you can order the cloth from her there, to pick up a day or two later. All very easy and so pretty in taupe, soft blue and raspberry red.
Click here for hints on how to sew oilcloth if you want to edge your own.

Also, this is a message to my fellow bloggers. I am sorry I am not commenting at the moment. I have a problem. Not sure what it is but I just can't get some comments to be accepted. As soon as its fixed you will know!
Hannah - I appreciated your lovely comments and hope you are having a good time. x