Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready

Its a rainy day here in Hawkes Bay but the rain and the greyness does cast a certain light that I quite like. Most people would say it was dull but to me it looks a little bit silvery. I can think these happy thoughts knowing that we don't have too many of these "silver" days in our region and after checking on the internet, it will be a sunny warm day tomorrow. In the courtyard, the strawberries are now netted under the "bridal veil" against our resident blackbird family. The sweetpeas are growing up the fence around the apple "stick" which will eventually morph into an espaliered apple tree and I have cut back the rose blooms to encourage new blooms for Christmas. A bit of finger crossing is going on around here.

I have been making more bunting and there are two new ones listed in my Felt shop. Please click HERE if you would like to have a peek.

And right now, I am about to do my final pack up of Sweet Mary handmades to take along to the Cross Hills Country Fair - please click HERE if you would like details. Its a big one!

My friend Nic of Coulter&Coulter will be sharing a gazebo space with me so if you are in the area, come and say hello.