Thursday, December 15, 2011


I didn't think I would get another post done before Christmas but here I am again. As I knew it was going to be a rainy day today, I picked all the sweetpeas and filled four vases with their beautiful colours and country garden scent.

Later on in the morning I found Annie tucked under the hydrangeas and pink yarrow. She looked so sweet, all wound up in a ball but came out to see me the second I bent down to take the photo. Still sweet though

I have had a wee run of sales from my Felt shop recently so have just listed two more items including these sweet clothes hangers. Click here to have a look.

For those who don't know, except for the odd one which I will inform you about, I will not be running my Sweet Mary stall at markets from now on. Mainly I will sell online through my Felt shop - click the Felt icon, up a bit on the right.