Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moving, slowly...


I have jobs to do but still find myself moving slowly after having the stinkiest of head colds for the past 10 days. Even though I have felt pretty awful, apparently I have not had flu, just a cold! I have a quilt to finish for a special person but luckily not under pressure. Just handquilting to do so once I have sandwiched the three layers together I can get started, each night doing a bit more until its all stitched together. This is my favourite part of quilt making so I'm keen to begin. I made the quilt top last year with no-one in mind but a few weeks ago I realised it would be the perfect gift for a close family member.

There are signs of spring throughout the garden, with a few tulips and daffodils flowering today in the pots under the dining room window. The grape hyacinths have produced lots of lush greenery but strangely no flowers this year. Lots of fat buds on the hydrangeas but none yet on my new limelight ones. I hope I didn't "trim" them back too much!

Time to go - bye bye!