Monday, March 17, 2014

Farmhouse Kitchen

Sesame seed covered bread sticks ready to be baked.
Sour dough after kneading, ready for shaping.
Hot Cross buns, bread sticks, sourdough and yeast buns, foccacia, pretty flowers.
French St. Plum Jam

On a blustery Saturday afternoon in Hawkes Bay, a friend and I set off to attend a bread making workshop at the Farmhouse Kitchen just out of Havelock North village. We were both pretty keen to learn how to make sourdough bread, which we did, but also to brush up our basic bread making skills. Pauline taught our small, eager group how to make all of the above breads ( lots of handy hints) with her husband Chris teaching us all about the sourdough and most importantly how to get the sourdough starter started! We even came home with a small jar of the starter to feed and nurture now knowing that a good starter is the key to good sourdough bread. I loved it all and felt I was  like a slightly annoying child wanting to be part of every little thing - read: very excited person. Not that Pauline and Chris made us feel anything but welcome as they lead us through the many delicious things that could be made from a basic dough. My standout faves were the Hot Cross buns but really it was all delicious and we got to take a good mix of the bread home with us.
I came home very enthused, and can't wait to get baking.
Click HERE for the website and have a look at the classes page to see the range available - cheese making next!