Friday, October 24, 2014

Yes, really.

Christmas decos.

Surely its not time for Christmas shopping again I hear you say! But really, Christmas is less than nine weeks away which means there are only a few more craft markets where you will be able to buy Sweet Mary Christmas decorations. This year I have mini doves and hearts filled with either lavender or rosemary which would look sweet attached with a gift card to a specially wrapped present.
The next Craft&Design market in Havelock North is just over a week away on November the 1st and as usual it will be packed with clever makers showcasing their wares.

Christmas is a time of celebration and part of this celebration is the making and consuming of "celebration food". On a coolish day last week I made our Christmas cake, a different recipe from my usual and although I can't cut into it until the day, it did smell amazing. I couldn't put my finger on it exactly but this cake smelt so wonderful that I was tempted to cut it there and then. Maybe it was the cider! HERE is the recipe if you would like to try it - please use real butter, there is no substitute for me. I didn't have apple brandy, just ordinary and would probably cut the 6 tablespoons down to 3 as the cake seemed very wet. Its wrapped up tightly now and away in the back of the pantry snug in a cake tin so maybe the brandy will just make it all super amazing.