Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Loving Green

Lots of green stuff going on around here. New packets of seeds ready to germinate in the early spring, there are so many more I would like to choose but its where to put everything. I squeeze it all in where I can. My cabbages have been weird and wonderful shapes this year and under almost continual attack from pesky insects but the one pictured is such a lovely shape that I admire it on a daily basis. The seedlings I planted back in the autumn have all taken well, a bit slow over the winter except for the rocket which I have been harvesting every few days to have in lunchtime sandwiches. Back in April I prettied up the spare room, all encouraged by this beautiful piece of Marimekko fabric in greens and blues, making cushion covers and pillowcases to match and splashing out on a new roman blind. The room is on the cold side of the house so we will probably have to paint over the cool white on the walls but for the meantime its looking lovely. What is also looking lovely is the green wall in the living area. It had been dark red for years and I have been wanting a change for quite a while now so when I was away recently, visiting family in Australia, my husband painted it for me. The moment I walked in the door, I loved it! Lastly, on the green theme, click HERE and have a look around this inspiring blog.