Monday, September 5, 2016

Winter moves into Spring.

After many months of gorgeousness, the winter pansies are coming to a finish and spring is here. My studio looks out to the garden and in the afternoons as I sew or potter, the birds flutter about, gathering bits of straw and twigs for their nests. Charlie pretends to sleep but really he is watching these birds. I imagine he is dreaming that his ability to run and chase would extend to flying and then he could really tell them off for entering his domain. In reality, there is an occasional fluffing of feathers or fur but mainly, dog, cat and birds all coexist fairly happily in this garden.
Spring is also a time for me to start a few projects, starting with bunting, very special bunting which will decorate the country garden of my son and his girlfriend when they get married next year. A beautiful combination of soft and rich peaches and greens which should fit very well in that setting.

The market was fun on Saturday, thanks for coming, the next one is on October 1st.