Friday, August 1, 2008

Lemon Love

I have had the flu - all last week I told myself that I had a cold and that I would get over it. I even went out last Saturday night, convinced I was over "it". Well, "it" turned into flu and I have been really poorly all this week. But, today I feel so much better and thought I would share a few photos with you. That laden lemon tree (previous post) came in very handy for making the inevitable lemon and honey drinks that are especially nice last thing with a tot of whisky in them. My honey, which is what I have called my lovely hubbie for many years, looked after me so well and was very sympathetic when I lost my voice for a few days, trying not to get annoyed when I couldn't answer his questions yelled from the kitchen where he was cooking dinner each night. I spent alot of time on the sofa below watching way too much SKY television - I know every programme on the Living and Cooking channels. There are lots I won't need to watch ever again. I didn't even feel like reading all my favourite mags which were kindly spread out for me.

My fluffy baby, Annie, decided to stay close also and keep an eye on me from the comfort of the best chair in the house. Even though she looks sound asleep she was really alert to my every move - or snore!

I couldn't write this post without talking about the wild weather that we have had. On Wednesday a huge storm moved down the country hitting us with a lot of rain and wind. Honey popped outside when it moved south and took a couple of photos for me as he knew I would want to blog about it later on.

This is looking out the driveway gate to the road and below is the reverse looking back to the house. Most of it has drained away now and its a lovely sunny day today. I sat outside today with my cup of tea and guess what are popping up everywhere? Weeds!

Thank you for recent comments - nice to know someone reads this blog!