Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I had taken some lovely photos in the garden last weekend but for some reason I can not upload them on to my blog - have been trying off and on all afternoon. The husband (Honey) will have to help me work out the problem so until then all you can have is this photo of Maisy sitting on the barbecue within the barbecue cover that both cats have shredded over time. Cats do love to sit in things and are not normally allowed to destroy our stuff but I so want to replace this barbie cover and was just waiting for an excuse to do so. So the girls have helped me really.
Maisy is the older of our two cats. She is around 8 years and we got her from the SPCA when she was about 3. She is quite timid and would prefer life without Annie, our younger cat who turned up on our doorstep at 6 weeks old. Annie is very confident of her place in our lives whereas poor old Maise has always been "scared" of just about everything.
The top of the barbecue is the ultimate spot and means you are boss for the day and can see the enemy approching.