Monday, September 29, 2008

Making a Home

Friends dropped by in the weekend - Nic made this very pretty patchwork bag which now hangs on my side of the bed. It was full of goodies to eat which we have duly done and a packet of Green Gate paper napkins which really are too nice to use. I guess they will be put away with "the" collection. Though in my new mood of wanting to clear out stuff I may have to use them (eek!).

Annie, our baby has been very exhausted by the move. So many new places to explore that a full afternoon snoozing on the sofa is the only way to cope. Our older cat has taken to the spare room only making quick forays out to eat, pee and scratch up the sofa to show her displeasure on the way.

Over the weekend I also managed to restock the yellow dresser which doesn't seem to have made much differance to the mountain of boxes growing in the living room. I am quite perplexed as to where all this stuff has come from - surely the moving company have dumped someone elses junk on me.

On a more positive note they are lots of pretty views to be captured outside. The one below is my favourite - at the end of the rose garden there is an old brick wall with a wee picket fence gate leading to the paddock. Its framed by huge trees and looks out on the blossoming apple trees. Very Beatrix Potter.

Honey mowed the tennis court lawn Saturday morning...

Then had to cut the bamboo back so I could hang out my washing!

The beautiful view outside our bedroom window - a treasure of a woodland garden.

Well, still lots to do before it feels like home but we are getting there and spring is in the air!