Monday, September 1, 2008

Trees of Happiness

I read a lovely blog from Hazel about what makes her happy - The Tree of Happiness.
She nominated me to have a go so here is my list. There are millions of things that make me happy of course so I will just list a few off the top of my head in no particular order:

Cafe's and coffee - I love to meet friend's for a well made coffee (the beans matter) and a chat. A nice piece of cake helps too. If I can't do that I am happy to make a fresh coffee at home and sit in the sun for a few minutes with the cats.

Cats - I have two, one is old and a bit grumpy and the other is round and very fluffy. I still call this one my little baby, though she is now far from little and nearly 2 years old.

My husband and two children who I can't live without.

My family on both sides - so important that they are there, that way you figure out who you are. Friends also help with this one - telling you when you are being ridiculous or a real pratt. Both equal support.

Friday nights - I still get a sense of excitment about Friday nights. A glass of wine, something easy to cook and the whole weekend ahead of you. Plans to be made. For the similar reasons I love the lead-up to Christmas also.

I enjoy cooking for family and friends and sometimes trying new recipes out. Also like to grow my own vegies (still at the novice stage here) and visit the local farmers market for top-ups to cover my garden failures !

Love making things out of fabric and sometimes selling them - thats a bonus.

Thrifting is great fun too - the joy of finding little treasures that somebody once loved.

My crockery collection - some new, some old but all with a vintage twist and a delight to have around me.

Thank you Hazel. I have enjoyed writing this blog. I nominate Nicola to have a go and anyone else who wants to.

PS - one more - love living the rural life in Hawkes Bay!