Friday, October 17, 2008

Green Things

The broad beans are growing well in our newly filled vegetable boxes but not ready for eating yet as the beans are only just forming and very small. They were planted out for about 6 weeks in the other house before we moved so have had a bit of an interruption in their growing life. I thought they may not survive the move but they seem happy enough. The lettuces are growing at such a rapid rate that we can hardly keep up. Freshly picked lettuce is a world away in taste from the days old lettuce from the supermarket. If we don't have a salad for lunch we have it for dinner most days. Any leftovers go to the grateful worms in our worm composter. We have had the worm farm set up for about 2 months now - no smell, great compost to come and the bonus of worm juice from the tap at the bottom. All very easy. Maybe the secret to our healthy plants is the worm juice! I would have popped outside to get a photo of my worm babies - you have to have special red worms and they are tiny, to put on this blog but it has just started to pour with rain. Cats came flying in as the heavens opened. I want to run outside and protect my little plants from the beating they are getting.

Salad leaves, chives and rocket from the garden, feta from a local cheese maker, asparagus (very cheap here in NZ) from the Farmers Market = yum.