Monday, November 24, 2008

Garden Vignette

Early evening with dinner cooking in the oven I went out to water the pots. We have a cute courtyard that has been created within the confines of the L shaped house and two outside rooms called "sleepouts" here in New Zealand. Its warm and sheltered and everything grows very well so I find I have to cut back on a regular basis to keep it looking nice. Watering done, I thought the pretty lavender against the wall could do with a trim so that I get another show in about 6 weeks time. I did mean to do this a couple of weeks ago so they would be flowering for Christmas but oh well...
So pretty - it does seem a shame.

Piled up on the table ready to be bunched up for drying in the airing cupboard alongside the rosemary and rose petals already there. I use the rosemary in my Sweet Mary "men only" sachets. My lavender goes into my Sweet Mary lavender hearts topped up with lavender that I buy in from a beautiful New Zealand lavender farm as I don't produce enough. The roses are dried for pot pourri.

Off the courtyard is a little walkway with an old iron gate at the bottom which looks over the woodland area. Our cat Annie likes to sit very still just inside the gate and watch the early evening goings-on in that woodland, her ears twitching madly. Its also a cool place for a cat to stretch out on a hot day.

Around the front of the house is where we are growing our sweetpeas which are just starting to flower.

The beautiful rose garden - every morning its a joy to look at all that gorgeous colour.

Last but not least - no idea of its name but this is my favourite rose. Its cream and crimson and reminds me of raspberry ripple icecream.
Hope you enjoyed my short descriptive essay!