Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is a completed order for one of the Redcurrent shops - twelve pretty hearts, made from Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley fabrics filled with locally grown lavender. It gives me a real buzz to see my handmade hearts selling so well in New Zealand shops - see my shop list on the left to see where. I try and add a new one each month.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spring Pictures

Well it must be nearly upon us - spring that is. I was tempted to cut these pretty things and bring them into the house but decided against it as they look so pretty in the middle of the lawn protected by the large tree.
Honey took the day off work to help me put up and fill the vegetable boxes in readiness for our spring planting. Luckily we actually delayed the planting for a week or two as we were given notice to leave a few days later by our landlords. The funny thing was we had been thinking of moving on but had put it on hold as we couldn't make up our minds so we got the shove we needed. We have already found a new rental which we move in to in 3 weeks time! Its an old farmhouse again but this time on an organic orchard which is much more our thing. We do love large rambling farmhouses in rural areas and when we are finally sick of that (hard to imagine) we will buy something small in town. But for the next few years we will continue to enjoy being country bumpkins.

Another pretty picture to end with - pink pansies and cyclamen in front of rosemary and lavender. Little Annie, our fluffy baby goes into a blissful meditation when sniffing this rosemary.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I had taken some lovely photos in the garden last weekend but for some reason I can not upload them on to my blog - have been trying off and on all afternoon. The husband (Honey) will have to help me work out the problem so until then all you can have is this photo of Maisy sitting on the barbecue within the barbecue cover that both cats have shredded over time. Cats do love to sit in things and are not normally allowed to destroy our stuff but I so want to replace this barbie cover and was just waiting for an excuse to do so. So the girls have helped me really.
Maisy is the older of our two cats. She is around 8 years and we got her from the SPCA when she was about 3. She is quite timid and would prefer life without Annie, our younger cat who turned up on our doorstep at 6 weeks old. Annie is very confident of her place in our lives whereas poor old Maise has always been "scared" of just about everything.
The top of the barbecue is the ultimate spot and means you are boss for the day and can see the enemy approching.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lemon Love

I have had the flu - all last week I told myself that I had a cold and that I would get over it. I even went out last Saturday night, convinced I was over "it". Well, "it" turned into flu and I have been really poorly all this week. But, today I feel so much better and thought I would share a few photos with you. That laden lemon tree (previous post) came in very handy for making the inevitable lemon and honey drinks that are especially nice last thing with a tot of whisky in them. My honey, which is what I have called my lovely hubbie for many years, looked after me so well and was very sympathetic when I lost my voice for a few days, trying not to get annoyed when I couldn't answer his questions yelled from the kitchen where he was cooking dinner each night. I spent alot of time on the sofa below watching way too much SKY television - I know every programme on the Living and Cooking channels. There are lots I won't need to watch ever again. I didn't even feel like reading all my favourite mags which were kindly spread out for me.

My fluffy baby, Annie, decided to stay close also and keep an eye on me from the comfort of the best chair in the house. Even though she looks sound asleep she was really alert to my every move - or snore!

I couldn't write this post without talking about the wild weather that we have had. On Wednesday a huge storm moved down the country hitting us with a lot of rain and wind. Honey popped outside when it moved south and took a couple of photos for me as he knew I would want to blog about it later on.

This is looking out the driveway gate to the road and below is the reverse looking back to the house. Most of it has drained away now and its a lovely sunny day today. I sat outside today with my cup of tea and guess what are popping up everywhere? Weeds!

Thank you for recent comments - nice to know someone reads this blog!