Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back in Action

My colourful sister is staying at the moment so I have been getting out and about a bit more - which is just what I have needed. Legs are working well, still a little tender but feeling and looking so much better. Its been raining on and off for days but yesterday was mainly sunny so we headed over to Ahuriri for breakfast at Milk and Honey followed by a rather bracing walk around the Perfume Point boardwalk.
No wonder it was such a bracing walk - the breeze must have come straight off those snow capped mountains in the distance. Lovely views though.
Last weekend our Sunday dinner ended up with a Christmas mid-winter theme. Its a popular thing to do here in New Zealand as most of the traditional foods are just to heavy to eat at our summer Christmas. So, out came the ham, chicken ( no turkey!), roast vegies, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts etc. And a very large bowl of bread sauce - we are a family who LOVE bread sauce. My English husband was very happy and for the rest of the evening told me how delicious it was. So big brownie points there. Luckily we are going to another mid-winter feast very soon.

On my first little outing after my op I bought this cute stool in a local shop. I have since seen them around in a few other shops which hasn't dented my enthusiasm for it one little bit.
Its a cutie.
Lastly, spring is not on the horizon yet but the polyanthus I planted weeks ago are flowering prettily and if you look closely you will see anemones just poking through, reminding me of the milder weather to come.