Monday, July 13, 2009

Room with a View

I have been lucky enough to acquire my son's old computer as he has bought himself a lovely little AppleMac. Its much faster than my old one which means that I hardly ever curse when things go wrong because they hardly ever do! I have set this "new" one up in the spare room which makes it very handy to my sewing room and also gives me a gorgeous view of the woodland garden.
Those branches will be covered with blossoms come springtime.

For a few weeks the computer was atop a very ugly and large trestle table and I found myself hankering after something smaller and more vintage looking. Last Saturday, after a trawl around a few local second-hand dealers I found this very nice desk - it has two deep drawers for my junk and is just the right size for me. Its painted the white I wanted and only cost me $40. I feel very happy with myself and am enjoying sitting at it right now!

The beautiful screen saver is courtesy of my husband.