Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Night and Today

Last night I ran a Sweet Mary stall along with a dozen or so other stall holders as part of a fundraiser for a local kindy. All the stalls looked great and the people visiting were lovely but it wasn't the greatest night in the way of sales. What was great was talking to people who stopped by my stall and getting myself in the mood and fired up for the fairs to come over the spring and summer. The next one for me is The Central Hawkes Bay Festival. I will be one of many stalls at the Pukeora Estate from Sept. 3-6. It promises to be fabulous!
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Annie balancing effortlessly on a fence post watching the sheep...

The sheep watching us watching them. Not sure what the lambs are nibbling on but it must have been something delicious. We are surrounded by apple orchards and each spring a few sheep and their lambs are left in the paddock and feijoa orchard to eat grass and generally tidy up and feed the vegetation. This is the view from my kitchen window - not bad.