Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekend Work

We are having lovely spring weather here in Hawkes Bay at the moment. Our home is surrounded by tall trees and those tall trees seem to be filled with all the local bird population. Those birds are just singing their hearts out with the joy of this milder weather and the promise of the beautiful days to come. I hear them early, before I even notice the light and right now I can hear them at dusk in the bamboo. So loud when we first came to live here and almost a bit "Birds" but now I love the sound and enjoy it. Back in July I blogged about my room with a view - its dusk right now and from that room I can see the full moon high up through the trees - magic.
The photos above and below are of our vegie boxes. The lettuces, though slower, have grown throughout the winter and we still have cavelo nero, coriander and one lone brussel sprout plant.
My weekend work also involved planting out the broad bean seedlings, a real favourite for our family. I love the garden work in the spring but tire a little of it once the hot days of summer take hold. Did I really say that! I must be mad. I am a woman who really could live without winter though.
When I have an order on I make such a mess in my workroom, fabrics unfolded and piled everywhere, fabric hearts cut out and piled up but I love it really and always enjoy completing and sending off and then the tidy up. Its a time I often find new ideas and inspiration