Friday, November 27, 2009

Lavender Harvest

Oh heck! I wrote this blog a few hours ago, came back to look for comments ( there wern't any!!!) to find I had uploaded two photos of the same scene. I tried to delete the spare photo and deleted the whole post!
So,I will try to remember what I wrote:
For the last couple of weeks I have known that my lavender plants needed harvesting of their beautiful purple tipped fronds. I threw these fifteen plants into plastic buckets when we moved house last year at short notice.
They have been in these buckets ever since and despite this I get a pretty decent amount off them on a regular basis over the warmer months.

This is my haul from two thirds of the bucketed lavender. I will dry it in bunches to sell on my Sweet Mary stall next year. I may even get the rest of it cut tomorrow. It is a time consuming task but one I do enjoy. You can sort of drift off, listening to the radio and smelling the sweet smelling lavender.
I buy in the lavender rubbings that are used in some of my Sweet Mary products as I cannot realistically grow and harvest enough for my needs. It is spray free and comes from a boutique farm in the Wairarapa.