Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jess's Quilt

This is just a quick post - I have a longer one for tomorrow. I am starting the pack-up of all my treasures. We have finally bought a house and will move into our new home towards the end of June. I have been a very long time without a "home" of my own so it is very, very exciting for me. Like I can finally exhale that long breath I took many years back.
When sorting through the boxes we are storing for our 'overseas experience" daughter I came across the black and white quilt I made for her 21st birthday. Somehow I had neglected to add a label so I sat down there and then to cobble together a record of the event. Had a bit of a giggle afterwards as my embroidery skills are definitely on the basic side but the job is done now and that is a good thing.