Sunday, July 11, 2010


I thought I would move house and then blog a week later in our new home. Was I mad???
The new home is just lovely and we are so happy with it but there are still a number of boxes to be unpacked. This is what happens when you are a collecter and you move from a large house to a small but perfect home. So, no photos today as camera is in the depths of a box somewhere but I am itching to show off a bit - a more interesting blog soon.
I have emptied my bank account to pay for stalls at the spring and summer fairs to come so will also be listing those, with dates, soon. Which reminds me that I had better get sewing again. My new Sweet Mary room overlooks the pretty cottage garden so I will have to concentrate and not get lost in dreamy gazings out my window and door. Yes, I have a door from my room to the garden!
And in case you were wondering, the cats survived the move and seem as enamoured as we are with their new home.