Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home and Garden

We are settling in very nicely to our new home. Furniture is more or less where I want it and I have managed to unpack quite alot of my "treasures". The garage still houses many more and bit by bit I will trawl through them and find that special something that would look great in that certain place. That sort of thing takes time and I am not in a huge hurry.

The garden looks great even in the middle of winter and that tree looks very interesting to my fluffy baby. Annie is used to the run of an apple orchard but she is coping well with the restrictions in her new home. For the first time ever our cats are having to learn the delights of a cat door. Well, I lie on the laundry door, lifting the flappy door up and call to them. They both sit just out of reach and pretend to sniff something or itch something. Basically trying to ignore me. It will all work in the end I'm sure.

The Sweet Mary room is full to bursting but I have squeezed in and plan to start work before the end of the week. I have a full length glass door and window out to the garden and this is my beautiful view, below.