Monday, September 20, 2010

Bread and Jam

Over the last few years I have read bits and pieces on blogs about "no-knead bread". The idea of not having to knead the bread is strangely attractive to me. Unusual I know, as most people love the kneading bit and feel they can meditate while doing so. Today, I finally baked the loaf pictured above. I started it yesterday, checking occasionally to see what interesting things were happening. It only has 1/4 teaspoon of yeast so its a slow riser. Its mean't to cook for 30 minutes but it looked so brown at 25 minutes that I took it out early. Its delicious but probably should have had the slightly extra time as it is very moist. If you try this recipe you may need to play around with the timings a bit. The men in my life have declared it a winner though so I will be cooking it again, quite soon. Click here for the recipe but also read Jane Brocket's post on the same bread - find it in her Archives section, August 2010. Scroll down to August 21st and do read more of her blog as its beautifully photographed and written with lots of interesting links.

It was especially good with Bev's French Street Plum Jam. My friend Bev lives in French Street and makes the most delicious jam - type unknown. She gave me 3 jars!!!

In betwwen watching and smiling at my bread, I made a Sweet Mary peg bag for Jane who gave me a pile of Laura Ashley fabric off-cuts. I know this is her favourite pattern so think this will be a good thank you present.
Over the last few days I have been working on this baby quilt for a friend's 3rd grandchild.
Just two more bindings to do and its finished and in plenty of time because baby is not due for a few more weeks.