Friday, July 22, 2011

The Quilt

This morning as I listened to the weather report for the next few days and realised that I would probably not be finishing those last few jobs in the garden, I quickly realised that a rainy weekend would be the ideal time to sit and quilt, maybe get a few good DVDs in as well.
Back in May I blogged about the delights of the "five inch square" and the simple but colourful quilt I was making with these squares. Yesterday I layered the quilt sandwich and basted it with bright green thread, figuring the green would stand out amongst all that colour.
This afternoon I will start on the hand quilting with embroidery thread which is a first for me. I got the idea from here and have decided it will give that vintage look that I so love about hand stitched quilts, especially after they are washed and get that "pumfy" look.