Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Stuff

I thought it was time for another beautiful photo of Annie. Not much more to say as the photo does it all. Biased - moi?

Muscari flowers popping their heads up in the middle of our fairly mild winter and now that I look at this photo, I think its time to remove the cat repelling sticks.

We have sunny days again after the wet weekend so not so much of the quiting this week and more of the continuous garden tidy-up.

When I say not so much I actually mean not all day, just an hour here and there but okay to go full out at night time.

I love using the embroidery thread and really love the "vintage look" it gives the quilt. Traditional small even stitches look beautiful but for me this method is easy to achieve and a very relaxing way to stitch.

Nearly forgot - the tree below was decorated by two little boys who visited our house over the weekend. The tree, undecorated except for the lights was still standing after our mid-winter Christmas meal the week before.

Amazing what you can do with a jar of ribbons and a basket of pegs !

Have a good week x