Saturday, January 26, 2013


It all started a few weeks ago with a gift of a kilo of strawberries.
Those strawberries were made into the most delicious strawberry compote that was a real delight for over a week, poured over thick plain yoghurt.
Then, this week, one day after another I was given a bounty to bring home and make into something special. Day one, I turned two kilos of blackcurrants into many pots of jam - some will be gifts, some are definitely for home and a few will go back to the kind person who gave me the blackcurrants.
Day two, friends came around for afternoon tea, they also came loaded with bounty. Rhubarb to be cooked to a mush with brown sugar and rose geranium flowers. I am the main eater of rhubarb in this family and like to have a good supply for the freezer. They also came with a huge amount of harvested lavender stalks which will be stripped in a few weeks time. I use these dried rubbings in my Sweet Mary lavender sachets.
Yesterday, plum cake made with Bev's French Street plums and more lavender to dry.
Today, thanks to another friend, I had fresh apricots to make into this Annabel Langbein recipe: Really Useful Apricot Chilli Glaze. Of course I feel very smug now, with groaning shelves in the fridge and pantry. This is why I love living where I do, there is such an abundance of fresh food and lots of kind people who like to share.