Saturday, January 12, 2013


In the past I have dried large amounts of sweetly fragranced rose petals to add to my potpourri mix. Bagged up in pretty red striped pouches, it was a good seller and at the last Holly Trail fete that I attended, one lady bought all my stock to put in her B&B as presents for her guests. Now that I have a smaller garden and not so many colourful roses, I just make it for my own use. As I make a fresh potpourri each year I do not add any preservatives, just roses, lavender, lemon verbena and the odd cottage garden flower that has dried nicely. One thing that has been missing though has been a suitable display container but today in a local shop I found this glass one which I think will be perfect for many years to come and not just for the potpourri. Come Easter and I may fill it with eggs!