Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Button Cards
Fresh baked bread rolls
Good greens

Having a break from markets over the winter has mean't that I have immersed myself in other things. After years of not being entirely happy with my bread making I practiced with online mentoring from THIS blog.
When I say online mentoring. I just mean that I read and read all the bread-making posts on this blog I could find. Its written in a very simple way - perfect for me. I also planted more good greens, much, much more, they are sprouting up everywhere which is especially gratifying now that I have two more mouths to feed. Rosy and Posy, our two hens came to live with us a few weeks ago and man, can they eat!
As visitors to my Sweet Mary stall will know, I sell vintage and vintage style buttons. I have beautiful whole set cards, bought in South of France markets but I also collect locally. These local collections never produce whole sets, maybe 3 or 4 of the same if I am lucky. The top photo shows how I have decided to display these buttons, as cards that can be used as a pretty decoration and pulled apart if you need to use them. These would make gorgeous presents for the sewing fraternity.
It has been raining all day today, I have fingers and toes crossed that it will be fine by Saturday for the Craft&Design Market.
Come back tomorrow to check my next post.