Monday, September 22, 2014


Well, of course September can turn into the strangest month weather wise. Down here on the east coast of New Zealand's north island we have had the usual showers and the usual sun, a good mix that heralds our spring and starts off all that lovely new growth in the garden. But today is downright weird - gusty winds blowing over bins and flower pots, cold, cold rain and then pockets of brightness and a hint of sun. Its just here for today and tomorrow will be a more normal 20 and sunny. Every time the gusts blow the chickens flap their wings and cluck excitedly, the gusts stop and their heads go down, bottoms up looking for treats. I sat  in their run for ages one afternoon trying to get a "cute" photo. Eventually I realised that they are always going to look mad in photos, its all in the eyes! Anyway, the girls are called Rosy and Posy and sometimes Zinnia and Petunia when I come over all Darling Buds of May. We get two delicious eggs each day and lots of entertainment for ourselves and the cats who watch them like its a chicken soap opera. Maybe it is.
I have planted seeds, easy to grow Nasturtiums and a new to me, Blue Woodruff and Rosebud Salvia from Catherine who also gave me the sweetest smelling violets a few years back. I have more hydrangeas too and lots of spectacular calendula (Indian Prince) planted with the broad beans. The winter vegetables are nearly over, mainly due to hungry hens but the cavelo nero will keep going for a while yet I think. I planted potatoes and to my surprise have had great success with carrot seeds thrown into an old pot of soil. I will take more care with their planting next time. The strawberry plants have started to flower and look on their way to a good Christmas crop. Lots more to be done but I'll write about that another day.