Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lavender Loyalty

I planted my first lavenders many, many years ago and have moved many, many times since then, always planting a lavender or two as I settled in to my new garden. Some of those moves were in the north of England and I can tell you that growing lavenders in that environment can be very challenging but I always felt that if I tried it would keep me connected to the things I love. Now I live in a temperate part of New Zealand that allows me to easily grow lavender, the French lavenders flowering all year in my garden and the English Grosso giving me two harvests over spring and summer. I grow Grosso to use in my sachets not only for its wonderful scent but because its a heavy cropper in the right position.

I am also lucky enough to be gifted large bunches of this lavender (type unknown) every year from a friend.  After hanging the bunches to dry for a few weeks, the lavender is easy to strip, a tray full each Autumn night whilst watching Corrie.

All this drying of lavender naturally leads to my Sweet Mary sachets, some are heart shaped and made with vintage linens and others are larger and made with Swedish linens. Some are made to hang with pretty ribbon and cheery fabrics. Not many weeks now and the first Craft&Design market of the season will open and of course, I will be there in my usual spot - September 5th.