Sunday, May 4, 2008

Autumn in the garden

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day in the Hawkes Bay. We were up early as part of our "autumn/winter project" to get the house and garage sorted and de-cluttered. It will take us all this time because there is so much to do! We spent most of the morning in the garage and after the third and last load was hauled off to the tip - recycling where we could, it was all looking pretty good. Coffee with raspberry and lemon muffins while looking out over the garden was our reward.

Holly tree in a pot in the foreground still decorated with fake red holly berries from Christmas time. It even fools the birds! Its actually a holly that has yellow berries and only in winter which is nowhere near our Christmas time in New Zealand. I spent many years living in the UK and still miss the "specialness" of the celebrations there. Thats not to say I don't enjoy myself here, there is just something about Christmas in a cold climate that is magical.

This is the tree that Annie loves to climb and the view we have from our kitchen window. In spring the tree is covered with lilac blooms similar to wisteria flowers. I suspect that its her favourite because she knows that I have a good view of her antics from the kitchen. I imagine that she is capable of thinking these things of course - I think cat owners do this. In the background is a line of 7 feijoa trees, a fragrant little fruit that most kiwis love.

Check out the fantastic shadows, this is why I love autumn so much - and below...

Our fabulous native kowhai tree - its huge and graces one side of the driveway. When the afternoon sun catches it the leaves seem to glow golden and the leaves underneath light up and glisten. If I swivel around on my computer chair, I can see this exact picture out of the window.

Today has been cold and grey and I have hardly ventured outside. First thing was our weekly visit to the farmers market and that was quick due to the cold, no hanging about chatting today. Followed by a day holed up in Sweet Mary HQ (refer to 4th post), finishing off a few lavender hearts and working on a baby quilt order . Late afternoon, my friend Jane came around for a a cuppa, bringing with her a bag full of Laura Ashley fabric scraps! A bag full of beauties. Thank you so much Jane - a truly generous donation.