Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fabric Love

Fabric brings out the best in people, well it definitely does good things for me. In the past two weeks five lots of fabric have arrived to live in Sweet Mary HQ for a while. The first to arrive was the gorgeous piece hanging from the rail, the one with blue spots and red roses. It was a birthday present from my friend Nicola who had gone to the trouble of importing it in from the US. The piece beside that was also a birthday gift from my sister who bought it on a recent trip to Rajasthan. Its hand blocked in green, red and brown and very beautiful - and also very reminiscent of her. I would like to make a summer skirt out of it but think the pattern would have to be just right to avoid the wrong look - it could be my Christmas skirt!
Last weekend my friend Jane, dropped off an unwanted bag of Laura Ashley fabric scraps. By looking back in my old LA catalogues I have discovered the fabric names. That was so much fun and brought back fond memories of my years in the UK and the many hours spent in that shop . I now have probably a metre each of Stocks and Polly and a smaller piece of Poppy Meadow. Bloggers often write about the kindness of strangers and now I feel very much part of that group except no strangers involved - all friends and family.
Arriving back from work last week I found an awaited parcel from Cath Kidston via my in-laws in the UK on the back porch. I had pre-warned our friendly postie so she could store it out of the rain. Oh what joy, each piece is perfect and even though most of it is to be used to make my Sweet Mary fabric hearts, I will enjoy the process and hope the recipients love this fabric as much as I do. I picked up the little piece of orange gingham and a large piece of green floral at a stiching group yesterday. A gift to me from me and I know I don't need any more fabric but these things do seem to come in batches and will keep me occupied over the winter months to come.