Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pretty Pictures

I cut my lavender hedge back in the autumn but it has started to bloom again. Its planted up against the house but not in a spot that catches much winter sun. Somehow its apt that this hedge can't stop blooming as I use so much lavender in my SWEET MARY lavender hearts. In preparation for my stall at the the Holly Hospice I have ordered in 6 kilos from a local supplier to add to my meagre homegrown supply. Now, I realise that 6 kilos sounds like a lot and believe me it is but if stored correctly it keeps well and its better than running out last minute.

I did take this photo about six weeks ago when my hydrangea flowers were turning these gorgeous shades of pink - I have a vase full in the house. I love these flowers and have always had a hydrangea or two or three in just about every NZ house I have lived in. Now they seem to be fashionable as I often read about them in magazines but they have always been a favourite of mine even when a friend in the UK disparagingly said they were so surburban!

And this is just another pretty picture - a friend gave me these plants with the ivy trained around the heart shape and I really love them. I bought the cute stars at a local shop called Now and Then, its my fav shop in Havelock North. Crab apples to the left for winter decoration and driftwood in the background collected from local beaches in the summer.