Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Timeless Treasures

I bought this pretty Laura Ashley dress for my daughter's second birthday - she is now twenty one ! Over last weekend I decided to sort out a few boxes and came across lots of great memories in the form of my children's baby clothes and daughter's collection of dresses.
All of the dresses below, except for the Laura Ashley one were lovingly hand-made by my sister.
The fabrics and trims used are beautiful and the smocking is a work of art. And the great thing is that nearly twenty years down the track you could still put a child in these gorgeous creations and they would be much admired and appreciated.

The tiny knitted creations above and below were knitted by my mother who has doted on each and every grandchild in her family. Each grandchild received a fabulous handmade bear and lots of other soft toys and even though knitting wasn't her greatest love she did knit these treasures simply because I asked. From memory, the patterns were from a French knitting book, but other than that I don't know as I am not a knitter. I can sew but I can't knit!

I have been so busy lately making and sending off orders for my Sweet Mary lavender hearts that I thought it would be nice to make something for myself. An hour or two in Sweet Mary HQ and I had made a pair of flowery pillowcases to put on our bed. I had bought the fabric a few weeks ago in a Spotlight sale for only $3 a metre. I asked my husband if he had slept any better on the new slips but he didn't seem to understand what I was talking about - he is very tolerant of my flowery "thing".

Off to see the kids in Wellington this weekend - yeah! Our son will be 19 on Sunday - I really don't feel mature enough to have children of that age...