Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Afternoon Tea and Roses

I have had a blogging break. I didn't plan it - it just happened. But now I am back and I have lots of pretty pictures to post over the next few days.

Last weekend was a 3 day one celebrating the Queen's birthday but unfortunately we spent a lot of it huddled around the fire as it was so cold. By Monday I had had enough of that and decided that if we had to stay indoors at least we could enjoy ourselves by eating something delicious.

An afternoon tea with friends cheered us all up. I baked the Victoria sponge, something I haven't done since leaving the UK over 6 years ago and it was very, very good if I may say so myself.

Peter made the very delicious cumin and cheese scones (my favourites). I know he would happily give me the recipe or I could maybe work it out for myself but its just not the same if I can't harass him into making them.

Off now to start on a new order for Redcurrent in Wellington but will blog again tomorrow.