Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter

Over the last few days we have started the final autumn clean-up. Its officially winter here now in New Zealand but there is still alot of autumn colour around. I love pansies so like to fill any spare pots with them - these ones will be red and in the white washed pots should look very striking when they flower.

I think these pansies are mixed colours with an underplanting of anenomes and ranunculus. The bamboo canes are there to support the sweetpeas planted as seeds which hopefully will be climbing up them come the spring.

I wanted to leave this mountain of leaves as a haven for hedgehogs but the landlord doesn't agree so I will pack them into bags tomorrow to mulch down over the winter.

My favourite tree on this property is this glorious copper beech - it is huge and the most perfect shape. Photo taken from the rose garden where I am still picking the odd bunch - see blog below.
Today was a cold but sunny, cloudless, blue sky day.