Friday, June 6, 2008

Favourite Things

The end of another week and as usual I haven't even got half of my "to-do" list ticked off. I get waylaid in the garden or reading a book and this week by chatting to my son who is home for the week on study leave. Because of mentioned son I have had extra washing to do and that got me thinking about my washing line. Recently I told a friend that these washing lines were a NZ invention but after a bit of research I discovered they can actually be claimed by Australia. This Hills Hoist line is quite an old one, the winding handle to raise or lower doesn't work anymore but it is still one of my favourite things. It literally holds loads and loads of washing and on a breezy day it flies around drying the washing at super speed. Even more research and I discovered this article written in a NZ newspaper. It brought a real smile to my face, I didn't know that other people had very particular ways about hanging out their washing. I am not the only weird one - must show it to my children. The article also mentions leaping frog pegs. I discovered these wonderful flowered pegs a year ago and even though I should probably have wooden ones, these pretty plastic clippers are the best I have ever come across.
Like anyone crafty, I often look around for something to customise. These are green shopping bags bought at my local Countdown supermarket. I wasn't keen on the bold advertising all over them so an afternoon in Sweet Mary HQ put an end to that and I love the result.