Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yesterday I went thrifting with my friend Nicola. It was a beautiful sunny day but I am not sure the temperature ever got to the predicted high of 16 degrees C. There were lots of shivery moments when out of the sun or in freezing second-hand shops. Being a novice to this blogging/take camera with you thing I naturally forgot to take mine so Nicola had to do all the snapping (happily) and a great job she did. Click on her name to see these pics. In Waipawa, south of Hastings, I found this mirror. I think its the beginning of another collection as this is the second one of its type that I have bought - the other one is an oval shape. To make a threesome I would love to get my hands on a heart shaped one. I know they exist because my friend has one that came from her grandmother-in-law.
Also, in Waipawa, but not at the same shop I found this beautiful vintage tin. Inside the lid it says Red Rose Tea - imagine buying your tea in such a gorgeous container.
We had a fun time and then came back to Nicola's to homemade soup and bread made by her very cleverinthekitchen hubby.
Hello to my daughter, Jess who is studying hard in Wellington and trying to keep warm. xxx