Friday, June 27, 2008

Lake Taupo

This is the blog I should have written last week after hubbie and I had an overnight break at Lake Taupo less than two hours drive from where we live in Hawkes Bay. We set off early one sunny winter morning - a lovely drive winding along the scenic Napier-Taupo road and a delicious takeaway coffee to enjoy on the way. We talked and listened to music, two things we don't get to do too often without interruption. After checking into our "very ordinary" motel (why do they have to be so bleak?) we went straight to a favourite cafe for more coffee and cake. Well, I had the cake and hubbie smiled sweetly. Next stop was a quick scout around town to see if there might be a suitable shop to approach about stocking my Sweet Mary lavender hearts. This was all completed pretty quickly to allow us enough time to go for a long walk around the lake - look how clear the water is. All the photos in this post were taken by my hubbie who is an excellent photographer. It did involve a lot of stopping to take just the right shot but worth it I think to get results like this and to enjoy the gorgeous views. Lots of people were out walking and everyone we passed greeted us so I can only assume that living and walking in Taupo makes people very happy.

Beautiful - I think the snow-capped mountain in the background is Mount Ruapehu and the one to the right is Mount Ngauruhoe. Feel free anyone to put me right and I can correct.

This photo was taken much later in the afternoon after we had bought cheese, bread, olives and wine and were on our way back to the motel and a long soak in the mineral spa pool. Bliss.

The next day we woke to cold dull weather so naturally decided to get out there amoungst it. Despite moaning about being cold most of the day I did do the outdoor bit nevertheless. This raging torrent of water is part of Huka Falls and I find it quite intimidating. The noise is incredible.

Another walk up a hill for a photo stop, stopping to admire the NZ bush on the way. It was quite muddy and as hubbie raced ahead like a mountain goat he turned occasionally to check I hadn't gone over the side, yelling at me to keep to the inside. Nice.

Another stop and another walk at The Craters of the Moon - this pic taken looking into this eerie hole in the ground. Very Peter Jackson/Lord of The Rings.
By this time I was freezing and in need of sustenance so it was off to a cafe for a steaming cup of tea and toasted cheese sandwiches. And yes, I did pick up an order for lavender hearts at a fabulous bed linen shop called Marantz.
We drove home late afternoon into the sun which hadn't reached Taupo all day, talking and listening to music once again. We both agreed it was a good break away.