Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year - a bit late, but 2009 is here!

We have had very high temperatures in Hawkes Bay recently but first thing in the morning, when its cooler its nice to potter in the garden, picking flowers and vegetables and talking to the cats. We never use the front door as the driveway leads you to the back door but its a lovely cool spot to sit at most times of the day and always seems to have these great looking shadows filling it.

The sweetpeas needed picking and they will need picking the next day and the next...
A mug of fresh coffee really adds to this pleasant little pastime

With all the doors open to catch any passing breeze I decided to not only take the Christmas decorations down (a few days late!) but to sort them into colour, mend any broken ones and make up a box of unwanted decos for the charity shop. We have an enormous collection of decorations which we add to every year - its only mean't to be one each year but a few extras always slip in, including a handmade by myself and usually one from a very dear friend in the UK who always sends something gorgeous. But the really precious ones are still the few made by our children years ago and so filled with memories.