Saturday, January 10, 2009


Honey came home from work earlier than usual on a very hot Hawkes Bay afternoon so there was only one thing for it - a walk on the beach at Waimarama ending with fish and chips for our dinner. Its a half hour drive from our house, through the hills to the coast to this beautiful beach.
There is that thrill of excitement as you come out the other side of the hills to wind your way down to hot sand and pounding waves.

SHOP = Fish and chips for dinner but walk first.

It was so hot when we got there at 4pm that we just sat for a while watching the waves, the seagulls, the people and talking. All very mesmerizing.

This little lad epitomizes one part of summer at the beach - another part is me sitting on the warm sand and moaning that "things" are biting me!

On our journey back home we pulled over for a pic of this glorious view of the Tukituki River valley - the beach is the other side of the far hills. We came home tired and sandy and later, both fell asleep in front of the television. The fish and chips were good too - eaten staight out of the packet, dipping our chips in tomato sauce and sipping on beers.